Xoerx 2270 series[error code :replace the toner and the status of chip is 0%]

Error Code Description

Printer type: Xoerx 2270 series

Installing new chip in printer, for a while, the printer displayed: replace Magenta toner, Supplies: the status of magenta is 0%. After replacing the new chip , printer return to normal. But for a while, it took place the same situation.

Error analysis

There is a small amount of toner in the toner cartridge. If there is without toner or toner can't flow away. Printer will consume the toner ,which stores up in the drum unit . Therefore, it takes place that printer displays an error code :change the toner cartridge, and the status of chip is 0% after printing for a while.


situations 1: There has no toner, please change a new one.

situations 2: There has toner ,but, Printer displays an error code :change the toner, and the status of chip is 0%. therefore we can conclude that the toner cartridge can't flow away toner, please ask the service engineer  to solve.

1/ Installing a new chip ,the status of chip is 100%.


2/ Using cellulose tape to seal the magenta toner cartridge' power outlet in order to make the toner can't flow away.

Open power outlet.jpg

3/ Re-installing the magenta toner cartridge , a high coverage of the red block drawing, about 100 pages ,printer displays an error code :024-924, replace the toner and the status of chip is 0%. 


4/ At this time, taking out the magenta toner cartridge ,and tearing off the cellulose tape under the mouth of the toner cartridge .Then printer displays :Updating the toner cartridge status. Please wait until the toner cartridge status is updated. Do not open the machine front cover.

Tearing off cellulose tape.jpg

5/ Completing the above steps ,the status of chip recovery is 100%.


Tips: If customers often use low-grade alternative toner cartridge, which will leads to the toner don't flow smoothly, and plugs the mouth of the toner cartridge. Thus it affects chip's life, and even causes damaging to the printer.

Post time: Apr-26-2017
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