Why the Samsung 6X45 series printer display the error code [invalid toner box]?

Error Code Description

The customer feedback: when the chip data for use in Samsung 6345 is 0, installing  the new chip, the printer displays error code [invalid toner box], the printer can't print any more.

6345 1.jpg

Error analysis

There is a situation of Samsung 6X45 series printer, the toner version is not as same as cartridge version, resulting in the printer error [invalid toner box]. As shown above: test page, toner version is XAA, cartridge version is EXP.


In normal, the toner cartridge version is as same as cartridge version.


For the above case solution, We are able to install the XAA version toner chip and EXP version  cartridge chip only.

Note: In the process of using the Samsung printer, if the printer display error code [invalid toner cartridge], then, it is need to print supplies test page to determine the specific version of the printer.

Post time: Jun-17-2017
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