Why the Ricoh copier display error code:SC681?

Error Code Description

Copier type: Ricoh 02/03/04 series

Zhono test engineers in the test Ricoh 02,03,04 chip life process, found that the copier printed for a period of time displaying SC681 – ** (** contains the number 11/12/13/14), the copier can't work properly.

Ricoh Aficio MPC306/C406zsp

Ricoh Aficio MPC305SPF

Ricoh Aficio MPC3002/3502

Ricoh Aficio MPC4502/5502a

Ricoh Aficio 8002/6502

Ricoh MPC2003/2004/2503/2504

Ricoh MPC3003/3004/3503/3504

Ricoh MPC4503/4504/5503/5504/6003/6004

Ricoh Aficio SPC830DN/ 831

Error analysis

In the process of chip life testing, there are many times to plug toner resulting in too much toner inside the copier and the chip contact point is also covered with a lot of toner, impacting copier and chip contact poorly. The copier displays an error code SC681- **.


Taking out the toner, and cleaning the chip contact point and the copier of contact point inside. reinstalling the toner , and restarting  the copier, which will turn to work normal.

Error code SC681 1.jpg

Error code SC681-13

The type of the error code number is SC681-**(**contains number :11/12/13/14). 11 is ack toner, 12 is Magenta toner , 13 is cyan toner , 14 is yellow toner.

Error code SC681 2.jpg

Copier of contact point inside

There are much toner cover the contact point .

Error code SC681 3.jpg

Plugging the toner above 40 times

In the hole test process, there will leak much toner inside the copier and cover many toner in the contact point of chip after Plugging the toner above 40 times.

Error code SC681 4.jpg

Plugging the toner about 10 times

In the hole test process, there is litter toner leaking inside the copier and cover many toner in the contact point of chip .


1/When change a new toner ,please cleaning the contact point inside copier.

2/when the copier displays error code:SC681-**, it is advisable to check if there is toner or other debris at the contact point.

3/ Replacement toner, usually in the number of plug-in more than 40, the copier inside a lot of leakage, it is recommended to clean up the leakage of toner, to avoid the poor contact between the copier and the chip.

Post time: May-30-2017
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