The variety of the printer change Xerox 2100 into 3290


Error description

Recently, customer feedback: When they finished using the Xerox 3290FS toner cartridge, replacing the new toner cartridge, then the printer displayed an error[NON Genuine TONER], and can't work . ( as the photo shows below)


Zhono's test centre

The test engineer toke several groups replacement chip for use in Xerox 3290 installing in "the Xerox 3290"on-site service. The printer displayed the same error[NON Genuine TONER] ,while those chips ware installed in. The customer happened to have a group original chips. Test engineer reset the data of the original chips. The data information displayed Xerox 2100. Then, test engineer carried the replacement chip for use in Xerox 2100 installing in the printer. The printer do not display an error.( as the photo shows below)


Error Analysis

"The Xerox 3290" change 2100 into 3290


Installing the replacement chip for use in Xerox 2100 in this printer

Note: The same of the Xerox 3290 and 2100 is cartridge toner ,the impression of printer and the impression of chip . The variety of them is the data of chip.

Post time: Mar-08-2017
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