The Summary Report of Error Code for Xerox CP105 series chips

The messages displayed on the screen of testing machine

Model No chips installed(Including the bad contact chips) Wrong Version Color repeated(more than two chips with same color) Color commixed  (chips are not installed correct accordingly
Xerox DocuPrint CP215W Insert X Cartridge Ready Insert X Cartridge Ready
Xerox Phaser6010 Insert X Cartridge Invalid X Insert X Cartridge Read
Xerox WorkCentre 6015 Cartridge Detached 093-972 Printer Insert X Cartridge CRUM ID 093-960 Reseat X  Cartridge Cartridge Detached 093-972 Printer Insert X Cartridge Ready
DELL 1250C The exclamation point and the corresponding color lights are on Ready The exclamation point with the corresponding color lights Ready

Remark: The “X”of “Insert X Cartridge” indicate the corresponding color.

Post time: Jun-21-2016
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