Solution: The cause of the deadlock of Xerox 3100 series smartcard machines

For Xerox 3100 smartcard machines version 2.07M, 2.07T and above,
wrong operation will cause the deadlock of the machine.

The following are the main reasons for the deadlock.

1.     Insert the toner smartcard while there is no message for the
low-capacity of toner cartridge.

2.     Insert a non-new smartcard or wrong smartcard when there is
message for the low-capacity of toner cartridge.

3.     Insert smartcard with the same series number.

4.     After the smartcard is inserted, the screen of the machine will
show “Please wait…” User pull out the smartcard or there is a power-off
during the waiting period.

5.     When there is a message for the low-capacity of toner cartridge,
the correct smartcard is inserted. There will be a confirmation on the
screen for the user to confirm the replacement or not. If the users
choose “Cancel”, some time it will also cause the deadlock.

All the above 5 options might cause the warning message of “Unknown”, no
matter what kind of smartcard is inserted.


1.     When there is a deadlock of the machine, turn on the machine and
make it standby for 24 hours. And then restart the machine.

2.     Use the smartcards with good quality. 

Post time: Jun-21-2016
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