Solution: Chips for Toshiba 1810 series copiers are not recognized by the machines

For Toshiba T1810, 1800, 2450, 4590 machines, the hardware circuit of
the chips on the cartridges is the same. The IC of the chips are simple
memory unit. It can be working normally only when it is written in the
correct data. In this case, they are different from Toshiba 1640 series.

One of the reasons causing this kind of issue: The contact issue.

The spare parts of the chips and contact points of the printers are
displayed the following figures.  

From the picture, the contact points of the chips are matched with the
six spring wires. When the printer is working, and there is some
obstruction on the spring wires or the spring wires are not flexible
enough, it will cause the contact issue.

Another reason causing this kind of issue:

A.    Check the chips if there are any weld, disordering or wrong
welding problem.

B.    Check if the version of the chip is correct or not.(Version:C/D/E)

C.    Check if the chip is made with cheap material or the chip is set
with wrong parameters.

Post time: Jun-21-2016
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