How to Recycle a Starter Cartridge for the Xerox VersaLink C500 Series?

How to recycle a starter cartridge for the Xerox C500 Series? Let Zhono help you! The most economical way to recycle is to purchase a Zhono chip for use in the Xerox CP315 and install it on a used starter toner cartridge so that it can be reused.

How to install the Zhono chip? Please use the following detailed installation instructions:

Step 1. Locate chip installation position  on the cartridge at fig.1.1  Fig. 1.2 shows the area to prepare for installing a chip. CP315.png

                         fig.1.1                                                                              fig.1.2

Step 2. Use a soldering iron to trace the location, and then make a groove for the cartridge chip. See fig.2.   

Caution:To prevent toner and carrier leakage while grooving take care not to cut into the toner port.b400.png

                                              fig. 2

Step 3.  Attach the new Zhono chip with a double-sided tape. Please note chip orientation and position must be aligned as in fig.3.

xe B400.png

                                                  fig. 3

Note notch in chip.  Orient chip in direction of arrow. See (fig.3).


The surface coating of the OPC drum is easily damaged. Improper handling increases risk of OPC drum damage. During OPC drum removal and installation  do not hit the surface of the OPC drum with hard objects.  Print defects, spots or lines on the printed page, can be caused by sweat and oil contamination on the OPC drum coating.  Do not touch the OPC Drum coating.  Handle the OPC drum by holding the gear or bare metal surface.

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