How do I troubleshoot printing with spots and strips?

Print spots or lines, generally the following questions

1/cartridge yields print out.

2/Using Poor toner.

3/When printing to a certain yields, the machine needs to clean treatment.




Some of the above problems are related to imaging components, imaging components of the main components: toner cartridge and transfer tape.

It’s too hard to take out toner cartridge and transfer tape of the Kyocera 7-generation color Printer ,which in the machine interior. There is a simple way to take out the toner cartridge and transfer tape.

Step1:Take out Cartridge and Carton.

Step2:Unscrew the 6 screws in the figure.

Step3:Remove the toner cartridge and transfer tape to clean up.  if the print fonts fade or have white color strips appropriate complement carrier.

Remove line and pull lever.


Remove the toner cartridge and transfer tape


Separate the transfer tape from the toner cartridge.


Remove cartridge cleanup one by one.

Note:Do not clean the unit on the magnetic stick.

Post time: Aug-31-2018
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