Fuser depth analysis

Error Code Description

Sharp AR-5618 printer appeared paper jam on work. Under the technician's guidance, removing and cleaning the fuser , the printer returned to normal. After printing for a while, there was a paper jam situation, and then cleaning the fuser again, the printer displayed error H2 code, next pressed Start key, the printer displayed error 00 code, then it can't work anymore. 


AR-5618 1.jpg

Error analysis

When the fixing thermistor is disconnected, the printer displayed error H2-00 code.

Clear away the error code

1/ Press 【#】 【INTERRUPT】【C】【INTERRUPT】 keys continuously. the light of printer's screen went out, enteringService Mode】.

AR-5618 2.jpg

2/ Input number 1and 4,and press 【start】key.

AR-5618 3.jpg

3/Input number 1,and press 【CA】key.

AR-5618 4.jpg

Tip: There will be a paper jam situation, after clearing the error code. It needs change the fuser.

Post time: May-11-2017
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