Copy effect issue of Konica Minolta C353

1.     A failure phenomenon

The copy of the image is with stain, not clear, burrs or offset.

2.     Solution

1)     Secondary transfer value is set too low; users can enter the maintenance mode to do the adjustment.

A.     Enter the maintenance mode.

B.     Choose the “Image Processing Adjustment”

C.    Choose the “Transfer Output Trim”

D.    Choose the “Second Transfer Voltage”

E.     Choose the “Plain Paper, Black and Increase data. Re-test results”

2) If the transfer stick is aging or damaged, please replace it with a new one.

3. Illustration

When the copy of the image is burrs or offset, it is mostly caused by the Transfer Stick module.

So the Transfer Stick module should be the key focus when solving this kind of issue. 

Post time: Jun-21-2016
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