【The Card Chip】The Process of Replaceing Toner Cartridge

Error description

Recently, customer feedback: When they finished using the Xerox MP3100 toner cartridge, replacing the new toner cartridge, then the card chip installed in printer displaying an error, and even staying in lock.






When you have finished using the card chips of printer toner cartridge, please according the printer's prompt to replacing the new toner cartridge(Note: the card chip can't be installed in printer directly). When the printer had displayed an error , the printer will automatically unlocked on 24 hours.


Next, Zhono sorts out the process of replacing the new toner cartridge when the card chip printer's toner cartridge empty.



Step 01:

When the printer's toner cartridge empty, displaying :TONER EMPTY REPLACE. Chose <OK>.





Step 02: Display :OPEN FRONT COVER ,RELACE TONER. If you have replaced toner , opening front cover and then clocking.




Step 03: After replacing the toner , displaying :HAVE YOU CHANGED THE TONER?. Chose <OK>.



Step 04: Displaying :INSERT THE TONER CARD. Ending.


Post time: Jan-11-2017
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