Zhono Has Released Replacement Chips for the Toshiba 505 & 3008 Series at First


Toshiba has recently launched a number of A3 format color and monochrome multifunction printers into the market. The newest laser technology was applied on the recently released MFP printers and provide a resolution as high as 2400×600 dpi for the monochrome & 1200 X 1200 dpi for the color.

The color series includes the Toshiba e-STUDIO2000AC/2500AC/2505AC/3005AC/3505AC/

4505AC/5005AC. The color series offers a newly developed multi beam laser technology that helps to achieve the higher resolution.


The monochrome series includes the Toshiba e-STUDIO2000AC/2500AC/2505AC/

3005AC/3505AC/4505AC/5005AC. This series of Toshiba copiers also offers a newly developed laser imaging technology that helps achieve the 2400 X 600 dpi.


Zhono’s R&D team has developed and approved for release the replacement chip solutions for use in Toshiba e-STUDIO 505 & 3008 series cartridges.

All chips developed by the Zhono R&D team go through a rigorous developmental stage to insure reliability and functionality. 

•      Unique chip serial numbering.

•      Replacement chips have complete OEM functionality.

TOS 505.jpg

Post time: Sep-05-2016
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