Zhono Awarded 2019 China National IP Advantage Enterprise

November 25, 2019. China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced the 2019 National IP Advantage list. Nationally honored, Zhono won "2019 China National IP Advantage Enterprise" award for the first time.



"China National IP Advantage Enterprise" is the highest honor granted by the state to outstanding enterprises in the areas of IP creation, utilization, protection, and IP management rights. The application conditions for the National IP Advantage Enterprise demonstration are very strict. Before declaration and certification qualification, Enterprises need to be recommended by CNIPA following recognition by municipal and provincial governments. Qualifying enterprises are all leaders in regional IP protection and high-quality development.  Zhono’s investment and strength in the IP field is fully recognized with this award.



As a national high-tech enterprise, Zhono has received three IP awards in 2019,  the IP Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong China, the “GBA High Value Competition” excellence award and the National IP Advantage Enterprise.



As a national high-tech enterprise researching and developing chips for laser printers and digital copier chips.  Zhono’s professional IP team from 2015 to 2019, have maintained an average 50% annual increase in patent applications. We will continue to increase investment in IP, reduce IP risks in various aspects, and offer better services for our partners in the years to come.


Post time: Mar-13-2020
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