Solutions for the Prompt “Call for service” and code “CD40” on Toshiba Copiers

Solutions for the Prompt “Call for service” and code “CD40” on Toshiba Copiers



Customers have reported that Toshiba copiers display the prompt “Call for service” and code “CD40”. This indicates the waste toner box is full, which requires cleaning or replacing the waste toner box. The instructions for resolving the issue are as follows. The Toshiba color copier is used as an example.


Zhono Solutions


1. Ensure power is off. Take out the waste toner box and empty the waste toner.

2. Before powering on the copier, please press and hold the keys in the red boxes as shown in Figure 1 and then power on the copier.


Figure 1

3. After the “Authentication” interface pops up, enter the default password “#1048#” and press the “OK” icon (see Figure 2).


Figure 2


4. After the “Service Mode” interface pops up, select “08 SETTING MODE” on the menu and then click the “Next” icon (see Figure 3).


Figure 3

5. After a new interface pops up, click the “Classic” icon in the right upper corner, and then click the “Next” icon (see Figure 4) to move forward.


Figure 4


6. After entering the Setting interface, enter 4541 and then click the Start key on the copier (see Figure 5).


Figure 5


7. After the screen displays two numeral “1s”, change the furthest right number 1 to 0, and then click OK icon (see Figure 6).


Figure 6


8. Finally, restart the copier and the prompt should disappear (see Figure 7).



Figure 7


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