HP 110 Series Compatible Chip Installation Notes

Since there is a battery in a HP 110 series compatible chip, please follow the instructions below during your installation, storage and transportation: 


1. Environment: Avoid stacking storage. Use and store the chips in dry locations at the temperature below 60◦C. Avoid direct exposure to strong UV rays.

2. Operators: Gloves or anti-static bracelets must be worn during the installation. Do not touch the chip directly.

3. Workbench: The surface of the workbench must be an insulator and has an anti-static function.

4. Handling and transportation: Do not touch the chip with metal objects or conductors to avoid short circuit. 

5. Storage tools: Should use special tray to transfer, pack and store the chips.


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Zhono Marketing Department


Post time: Jul-13-2020
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