How to Solve an Issue on Fuji Xerox C2550/3550 printer?


Fuji Xerox launched new printers DocuPrint C2550d and C3550d in May 2020. However, white bands appearing on printed sheets along the process direction (Figure 1) would be caused by operating the printer inappropriately.   


Figure 1

Zhono Solution

Generally, white bands appearing on printed sheets is caused by components with damages and streaks in the imaging unit. It is recommended to check the OPC drum and developer rollers first, and then check other components.

Check the OPC drums and developer rollers

Remove the OPC drums from the machine and have a look at the developer rollers (Figure 2). Any minor damages or streaks on the roller surfaces can cause white bands appearing on printed sheets. 


Figure 2

The reasons of developer roller surfaces being damaged or with streaks are that the developer roller surfaces was dirty and was not cleaned in time.

Notes: there are 3 possible reasons cause the developer rollers dirty.

1. Dust or dirty enter the toner refilling port

Generally, dust or dirty enter the toner refilling port via the connection place between the refilling port and the waste toner port in the cartridge. Cleaning the area is important (Figure 3).


Figure 3

2. Remove and install cartridges frequently

The sponge around the toner refilling port (Figure 4) is worn out by removing and installing the cartridge in the printer frequently. The damaged sponge fragments dirty the developer rollers.


Figure 4

3. Refill used cartridges improperly

Refilling used cartridges improperly causes that dirty or dust drop on the developer rollers.  

For more information, please contact your Zhono sales representative. 

Post time: Dec-30-2020
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