How to Avoid Cartridges being Stuck in Xerox Printer?


Most Xerox printers connect the cartridge chip through the contacts in the printer. The cartridge chip groove (Figure 1) may be stuck in the printer if the cartridge chip is not inserted. Forcibly pulling the cartridge may damage parts, such as deformation, off position, or fracture, as shown in Figure 2.  


Figure 1


Figure 2

Zhono Solution

Step 1: find a piece of film or plastic (Figure 3) that is thinner than a credit card and slightly wider than the chip. 


Figure 3

Step 2: insert and push the film or plastic to the connecting point (Figure 4) between the contacts in the printer and the cartridge chip groove, and then remove the cartridge.


Figure 4

The contacts in the printer may deform after using for a long time. Some compatible chips for Xerox developed and manufactured by Zhono with lengthened contacts (Figure 5) to ensure communication between the printer and the cartridge chip works well. For more information, please contact your Zhono sales representative. +1 323 744 7643. 


Figure 5

Post time: Jan-11-2021
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