Window Cleaning Robot is not entirely compatible with windows

A window cleaning robot could be a good idea – providing you have the right kind of windows.

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FPCs (frequently posted comments)
1)The Z mode may work better
A) It doesn’t…you can see it failing in the Z mode at 07:04
2) Perhaps the internal battery is to keep it running if the power fails
A It doesn’t…the red light flashes and it beeps…but no suction, no movement.

Please don’t concern yourself too much with my specific situation – consider this a demonstration of a device highlighting some of the issues any potential customer might experience.

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Product was purchased from Amazon UK. It was not a loaner, not a review copy and I’ve had no contact with the manufacturers or any other company. (This paragraph has been written because people do ask, despite the origin of products being explained within the video).

Post time: Jul-24-2017


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