[Vivid Dane] Sky Trio 3-Mode Glove Set [OrbitLightShow.com]


Our first chip of the SKY Series has arrived… welcome home our SKY Trio 3-Mode chip! IN-STOCK NOW AND READY TO SHIP!

About SKY Series:

Introducing a new series of chips with affordability in mind, but without sacrifice to features. Inspired by the IMAX chips, we have developed a new series that promises to deliver different modes, features, as well as colors to keep your lightshows looking fresh! Like IMAX, these chips are chips that have 4-prong LED bulbs permanently attached to the chip so users do not need to purchase any additional bulbs. It comes with 17 built in colors to select from. Initially designed for only our OrbitSkinz, MicroSkinz, and our new SNAP housings (coming soon!) we have decided to keep the common Micromax shape in order to make it available to all users of other compatible Micromax housings.


3 modes where each mode can be set to any 1, 2, or 3 color pattern of your choice including a blank. You can make each mode it’s own 1, 2, or 3 color strobe mix. We figured out the number of possibilities and it computes to about 14,739 different possibilities (per chip). For example, you can make Mode 1: 1-Color strobe (in any color), Mode 2: 3-Color strobe (any colors you want), and Mode 3: 1-Color strobe again with any color of your choice OR, you can make all three modes 3-Color Strobes all with completely different colors! There’s 16 total colors plus a 17th BLANK. We believe that 3-modes is the magic number, not too many, not too few! This chip makes it look like you have multiple glove sets on you.

Song: Amba Shepherd – Soldier (Clankerz and Spiro Remix)

Post time: Jul-25-2017


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