Universal Cloning Electric Gate Garage Door Remote Control Key Fob 433mhz Cloner



★ Specifications
Size: 55mm x 28mm x 14mm
Distance: Up to 100 meters
Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
Weight: 23g

This remote will clone all 433.92MHz fixed code key fobs. there are 1000′s of models If your remote uses the 433.92MHZ frequency and is using a fixed code it will work with the remote duplicator (Please note: rolling code remotes will not work).

★ Easy to Program:
1. Press the two top button until the blue LED flashes – This can take up to 10 seconds.
2. Place your new remote and the original remote close together/side by side so that they are touching.
3. Press a button on your original remote and one of the buttons on the clone remote and hold until the LED on the clone remote flashes steadily. (The Blue LED will first flash 3 times quick, then stops for a second, then flashes steadily for successful cloning).
4. Programming is now successful! If you want to program more buttons simply repeat steps 2 – 4. It’s that easy! To reset the remote simply start again with step 1.

Post time: May-25-2017


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