Top margin off Konica-Minolta MC-XXXX-W-TEST2 Solve this problem yourself! Almost all MAGICOLOR

Please read the full text of this post!
First I suggest you to make a TEST document to be printed, (or download mine test-doc at the link on this post end.) Then you should check out your problem.
This printer error movie was made for Konica Minolta Japan customer service.
The problem was delayed-print, or (top margin off) therefore paper error affecting my new printer.
After the KM technician came telling we are not sure and then, asked 350$ to solve, the matter. At the same time… I founded that the printer had not real problem!!
I do have a very fine skill to open computer parts, and I am on computers since 1984, therefore, I could open it, but this machine was too young to risk Konika-Minolta to refuse customer service.
Therefore I contacted KM to check it since it was really young. Even though the short warranty they provide in Japan was out. I required they to come on site (because I strongly suggest to do not move a printer with open toners**.)
K-M technicians came at my place, they opened/dismounted the right cover then they said “we are not sure about the problem but it may cost…”
Then, asked to check it “5 minutes” myself printing the test page, because it is my property and I felt something strange…
Right away, “I founded a small electromagnet, and its metal plate touching a small sponge-cushion. That sponge became sticky, and so the problem!
Being sticky was the reason of delayed print, therefore, I asked 5 minutes to solve the matter myself.
I removed that sticky mini-sponge, cleaned the support with hears cotton sticks wet of lighters-gasoline, then then I replaced it with good electrical tape (BUT you may live as it is without anything!). If you put something use use small pliers, to place it; and do not touch the sticky part with fingers, then use a cutter to cut it as the previous size. Test the printer and, remount the printer covers!

If you’re good no need to dismount the solenoid/electromagnet.
After you do that the printer will work as new!
“If you remove the solenoid… I suggest you to mark its position (with a permanent ink pencil) before to remove it (!), this to avoid possible problems to find its original position.”

If you are not good with fine manual jobs, or is the first time you try this stuffs…
You may better to forget to do it yourself.
But this is the real matter….
You better, to check that the K-M technician are really working out, to resolve this very easy task. 15-30 minutes are enough for money charge.
I do wonder why KM-JP asked me a possible expense around 350$, and try to change the mother board (and not to replace only the solenoid!) It is clear to me that if I allowed then to come again or to send it at the repair center, they would have charged an huge amount, hiding the real not existent matter or “a non real problem!”
If you follow the test as I did, and the results are similar to mine, it will be very probable, that your KM MAGICOLOR has only a small problem to fix.
This is a construction materials defect and KM is always responsible. No matter the printer age, (mine had a very low print out that is the why they came!)
The tiny cushion should never become sticky in any solenoid! I was Lucky that I refused to send the printer at the repair center (as they wanted…).
They agreed that the “open toners made the printer not shippable by any courier! ” Good that I could also check their work. At the end even they came on my site to care a KM MAGICOLOR, I solved myself the problem, with their compliments of fine fixer, at zero cost…
Get the printer test doc and check your print precision.

About, how to do the job, look at:

patriothigh months after my post showed how to do the rest of the job (which I did not show to avoid any complaint.)

If you want to check the printer with the same document I built, download it in PDF
Click or copy and paste the ending link.

Note: this is a precise TOP MARGIN TEST document. You need to measure your printed papers with a “scale in centimeters”. Above the numbers e.g. “2cm” you should check the first thicker line; that line mean “2cm” from the paper end. It should exactly match your measuring scale at 2cm (centimetres or 0.787402 inches!) and so on for the other numbers.
To be sure you should print the full documents! (3 pages) and “not only one page.”
I wish to be useful for anyone, who needs to clear its MAGICOLOR or printer in general “Top Margin Off” problems.

Print Top Test document PDF!

Post time: Sep-08-2018
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