Top 10 Life Hacks – 3D Printed Edition

How cool are life hacks, right?! In this video I demonstrate top 10 awesome life hacks that you can make with your 3D printer! This video includes hacks about shopping trolley coins (aldi coins), cable management, bag clip, keychain, stress relief for USB cord, bottle opener, monitor stands, carabiner, and an earbud holder. You can find more details below. Most of the files can be obtained below from thingiverse, and all the equipment for the video (including the creality 3D printer) can also be shown below. 3D printing really opens up the DIY aspect to awesome tools you can make to hack your life and make it easier or more convenient. If you enjoy the video and want to see part 2, give it a like, and leave a comment about another top life hack you’d like to see!

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Life Hack 1: 0:00
Bag clip. This is a general purpose bag clip for lollies, chips, popcorn or anything you can think to use it for! A really nice way to keep your snacks fresh after opening the packet.

Life Hack 2: 0:41
Toothpaste dispenser / clip. This is a cool little tool that squeezes all the toothpaste out of the tube to get every last drop out! No more bad deformed toothpaste tubes, and you might even save money later on!

Life Hack 3: 1:26
Handy keychains. You can 3D print so many different types of keychains that can help you hack your life. I printed two examples, one being a chapstick lid, and the other being an AUX lightning port adapter holder. This just makes things way more convenient.
chapstick model here:
Apple Dongle Grabber model here:
key fob containers here:

Life Hack 4: 2:28
Carabiner. Carabiners are really handy ways to lift things, carry things or just expand your keychain capacity. Printing one of these is a nice easy lifehack that can provide a really handy tool without buying an expensive one!

Life Hack 5: 2:52
Universal bottle opener. This is a really handy tool that can help you open cans, (beer) glass bottles and twist glass bottles. It has different lid sizes.

Life Hack 6: 3:27
Fake shopping cart coin. You don’t always have to pull out cash everytime you go to one of those supermarkets with the coin trolleys you know! This is a cool little life hack to easily use and return trolley carts without fiddling with your wallet. This model is specifically made for the ALDI carts in Australia (2 dollar coin).

Life Hack 7: 3:52
Custom monitor holder. This is a cool little custom made holder I designed myself. This is the perfect DIY implementation to demonstrate that you can mould designs to make your environment more convenient. I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but it will definitely free some desk space for chapsticks, or other small items that I may want to see.

Life Hack 8: 4:28
Phone stand / iPhone stand. This is an awesome phone stand that is compatible with pretty much all Apple and Samsung phones. Octopus arm design really makes it stand out, and it looks cool too!

Life Hack 9: 4:55
Cable Management / Cable holder / USB stress reliever / headphone clip. One awesome thing about this printing is the cable management you can make. In this video I make some corner cable manager holders, as well as some headphone clips for your shirt. This shirt clip keeps your headphones from dangling out and getting caught on things! Also save your cables from fraying by printing USB stress relievers!
cable savers:
corner holder here:
Earphone Cable Clip here:

Life Hack 10: 6:02
Earbud holder. Props to the designer, it’s an awesome design to help preserve your earphones! Also makes a really satisfying sound when you close it :) This is truly a nice convenient lifehack to keep your earphones from being tangled.

Music:, Katt by Fredrik Nyblom

Post time: Nov-08-2017


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