TI DLP® chips make for fast 3D printing with SLA – CES 2015

Here’s an interesting idea: Put together a stereolithography-style 3D printer based around a DLP chip normally used for things like projector displays. The DLP chip contains microscopically small mirrors laid out in a matrix. So it can selectively shine a light on a bed of photosensitive resin that exposes the entire part layer simultaneously — this is much quicker than what happens in typical SLA machines which mechanically scan a light across the bed to expose each layer. The DLP-based 3D printing idea makes so much sense that DLP-maker Texas Instruments put together a demonstration printer using this technique. TI’s Gina Park explains it in this short video. TI DLP® technology for 3D printing.

For more videos, visit http://videos.designworldonline.com.

Post time: Nov-14-2017


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