The Ultimate Lego Chips Machine!!!*UNIQUE PAY SYSTEM+1500 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!*

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○ About this video:
Thanks for watching this 1500 SUBs SPECIAL, I not reached 1500 subscribers yet, but I’m going on a holiday for 3 weeks so I upload this video now.
The reason why I called it the ultimate, is because it was so complicated to build it. It has so many features, it was hard to make the video short…
It has also a new pay mechanism. I’ve never seen before that you can pay(at the end) with a ball! So I think this mechanism is unique!
Thanks for the 1500 Subscribers! It is amazing that is is going sooooo fast :O THANKS
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○ About me:
I was 13 years old when I started this channel, in the summer of 2014. On this channel I create Lego machines like: Lego Safes, Lego Candy machines , Lego puzzle boxes, Lego pinball machines and much more. With Clash of Clans I upload bases for TH8, TH9 and maybe a base of another Townhall level.

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Thanks for all the support!

Post time: Nov-16-2017


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