The EPSON R3000 #1 Welcome Home

So the EPSON R3000 arrived in perfect shape and I figured I could set it up tonight but the Photo Black Cartridge is empty so I have to order one online. So it will be a few days before it arrives.

The printer looks immaculate outside and inside so I expect it to work perfectly.

My good friend Bob from Texas just bought himself a brand new EPSON P600 so he offered to give me his R3000 for the cost of shipping it to me. I included all the accessories basically unused as well as three other ink carts. That alone was worth the $74 UPS shipping charge.
So this will be one of several videos I will be doing on this R3000 and should prove to be an interesting adventure for me and hopefully also for you all.

Please watch: “EPSON P800 Chip Decoder unfortunately DID NOT WORK!”


Post time: Oct-17-2017


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