Terrible Design of Dell XPS 8300 Slots – Card Is Too Close To The Video Card

As of the upload date of this video the XPS 8300 is Dell’s flagship model and the high performance model that they’re selling on their website, which is why it was such a surprise for me to see the poor positioning of the slots. Since the video card is taking up the space of 2 slots (which most high performance video cards do), that leaves only 2 available slots for use. Of those 2 available, only 1 may be available depending on the type of card you use because it is too close to the video card. This clip shows what I’m talking about.

Without altering the actual distance between the slots, Dell could have alleviated this by a simple re-positioning of the slots. The front (fan) side of a video card impinges more on the space of an adjacent card than the back side does. So they could have placed the video card slot at the very end with the front (fan) side facing outwards (like how it is in the Dell XPS 420 from 2007). That way no card will block the fan or be so close to the video card. With the XPS 8300, the video card slot is at one end but the front (fan) side faces INWARD towards the other slots, and thus impinges on the space of the adjacent slot. No doubt this was a consideration they had for thick cards back in 2007 so it’s surprising why didn’t they consider it in 2012 when there are even more graphics intense applications than 5 years earlier.

This wouldn’t be such a big issue if the XPS 8300 had 4-5 extra slots to choose from. But after placing a thick video card, there are only 2 available slots. And if there is risk of damage to 1 of them from being so close to a constantly heated video card, that leaves only 1 slot available for use. The XPS 420 from 2007 not only had more slots than the XPS 8300, the video card slot was positioned so that its fan would not be blocked or impinge on the space of an adjacent card.

Please refer to this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKqd5u9ZBzM to see my previous computer, the Dell XPS 420 from 2007, which had a significantly better motherboard & chassis design than the XPS 8300. The XPS 8300 motherboard & chassis design was a step in the wrong direction in my opinion.

Post time: Jun-04-2017


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