SMT PCB Assembly equipment Machines Chip Shooter LED pick and place Demo

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This is one type of High Speed Chip shooters that we offer. The volume is on max so you can hear every sound. Sorry about the blurred images/focusing issues during the 0402 placements. This system is a Universal Instruments Model 4796L HSP for handling the large boards up to 18″ x 20″. You can see the system place a verity of components including 0402′s and multiple LED’s of various types and shapes. The cycle rate for this system is 10 components per second (36000 per hour). Our demo program in this video is from our test department and not optimized in any way in terms of speed. We test speed with another method.

The system can have up to 160 component input types or two banks of 80 to enable feeder replenishment while the system continues to place parts. For those interested in purchasing SMT equipment visit our website


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Post time: May-27-2017


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