Sindoh 3D Printer ’3DWOX DP200′

Since its foundation in 1960 in Seoul, South Korea, Sindoh has been a renowned company, focusing solely on designing 2D printers. Sindoh has successfully accumulated its 2D technologies into 3D printing and developed its first 3D printer, 3DWOX DP200.

3DWOX DP200 is capable of printing materials in the dimensions of 200 mm (width) by 200 mm (length) by 185 mm (height) The layer thickness can be adjusted from 0.05 mm to 0.4 mm, in which the lower thickness allows a more precise printing. DP200 can utilize the nine colors of PLA and ABS filaments.

DP200, a Red Dot Design Award winning printer, has an enclosed space for printing . The enclosed space improves output quality, reduces noise and smell, and features a luxurious look with its elegant product design. The 5-inch LCD screen is designed for the convenient control over the DP200′s functions.

3DWOX DP200 is equipped with the world’s first automatic filament feeding system. Developed with consumers in mind, automatic filament feeding ensures users with convenience and easy accessibility.

The printer Bed can be easily levelled through the touch screen interface guide. This is a must-have function to ensure printout quality and convenience.

Post time: Mar-09-2018


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