Samsung CLP310 320 360 CLX Drum unit Rebuilding Instructions

How to remanufacture and reset Samsung OPC Photoconductor Drum Unit for CLP-310 CLP-315 CLP-320 CLP-325 CLP-360 CLP-365 CLX-3170 CLX-3175 CLX-3180 CLX-3185 CLX3305 CLX3300 XPRESS-460W CLT-R409 CLT-R407 CLT-T406

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to reset the drum without the thermal fuse put a small piece of copper across the terminals of the resistor. Close the door and plug the printer in. It will initialize, followed by a flash of lights,
It will reset itself as it is unable to “blow” the fuse.
At this point unplug power and take out the holder with the resistor again. Take the small copper wire off and put the holder back in. Close the door and let the printer startup.

CLT-R406, CLT-R407 and CLT-R409 drum units are different and not interchangeable, but the remanufacturing instructions are the same.

Things needed:
- Screwdriver
- Drum
- Resistor for use in Samsung drum unit

How to fix Samsung printer with error red light:
The drum has a resistors that is used to calculate toner coverage. The resistors contains calculated limitation that was managed by Samsung. If toner coverage is 5%, the resistor is delivered 20000 black pages and 5000 color pages.
When the resistors overload its calculated limitation, the printer will be locked and will send an error message. Change this resistor to solve the problem.

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