RIS InkCenter — Inkjet Printer Cartridge Basics

Review this training module to understand the differences between integrated printhead cartridges (i.e. those found in 2-cartridge printer models from HP and Canon) and ink tank-based inkjet cartridges (i.e. those found in all 4, 5 and 6 cartridge printer models from all OEM printer manufacturers).

1. The integrated ink jet cartridge is a highly technical component of a 2-cartridge inkjet printer featuring integrated micro-electronic circuits which route signals to the ink nozzles (micro-thermal heaters). Each ink drop is powered by a super heated vapor explosion, typically between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, each at 1-2 millionths of a second. The ink drop is rapidly expelled out of the chamber nozzle at a firing velocity of up to 20 meters per second. During a typical printing job, up to 100,000 ink drops are fired per second from the nozzle plate and onto the page.

2. An ink tank cartridge is just plastic holding body which holds the ink (i.e. internal foil bag inside common with HP, single plastic wall design in many HP/Canon/Brother cartridges or the dual-plastic wall design found with most Epson cartridges). There are no on-board electronics used to control the firing of the ink drops. Ink drop firing is controlled by the built-in PRINTHEAD and is customer replaceable on many HP and Canon models should it fail (i.e. typical life is ~6,000 to ~12,000 pages but results will widely vary by manufacturer, printed content, paper types used, etc.). There is usually an electronic chip on the outside of the cartridge which must be replaced during the ink refill process, this will allow the cartridge to be detected by the printer and will restore ink level monitoring / tracking for drop count and ink usage.

Our in-store personnel can refill your empty HP, Canon, Epson and Brother consumer inkjet printer cartridges using the RIS InkCenter refill equipment.

Just bring your empty ink cartridges into any of our authorized refill center locations. It typically takes less than an hour to complete the refill from the time you drop the cartridges off. Our network of retailers stand behind the product and performance – guaranteed. All of our inks closely match original manufacturer’s ink quality – we are sure you’ll be satisfied with both color ‘pop’ and image longevity performance.

Retail Ink Refill Services Provided By:

Costco US & Canada
Sam’s Club US
Fry’s Electronics US
Auchan France
E.Leclerc France
Cora France
Intermarche France
Saturn Germany
Metro Romania

Customers who have questions regarding the use of refilled ink cartridges should visit INKJET411.

Post time: Jun-29-2019
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