Ricoh 210su hack for wastage removal from cartridge 5 min task to remove lining on pages JCSSUPER

This is the simplest tutorial to explain how you can remove the black lining coming from Ricoh 210su printer.
The printer comes with 1 year warranty one printer and 6000 pages warranty on cartridge so when you have printed 6000 pages you can do this easily because Ricoh will not cover cartridge warranty after 6000 pages and single cartridge can print UPTU 22000 to 40000 pages easily and after that the wastage drum will be full and some black lining will be appeared in all the prints.

You can easily make a hole on the top corner of the cartridge wastage drum and after making the whole and cleaning the wastage as shown in the video you can packet with her tape.

I will prefer everyone to make this phone once you reach 6000 pages so that cartridge will not be reached to that level where the access vestige can harm the cartridge.

I will suggest everyone to clean the wastage wastage drum with the help of this hole at the time of refilling of the cartridge so you can make the cartridge span to last long

Post time: May-11-2019
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