Reset HP 1050 DeskJet Series Cartridge

How To Reset HP 1050 DeskJet Series Cartridge. Please Comment Like and Subscribe.Have Problems Ask In Comments Below.

Please This Works Only To reset cartridge Not The Whole Printer.

Hope This Works…Good Luck!!!

Im Not responisible For Any Damage Caused To Your Printer By This Method.Try This Method At Your Own Risk

EDIT: For The People Who says Scanners Doesnt Work,after This,Follow My Instructions

1) Download HP Deskjet 2050 Drivers And 1050 Drivers
2)Install Both
3)Reset The Printer as As Shown Above


EDIT : As This Printer IS MADE FOR NOT REFILING,Your Ink Levels Wont be Displayed After Resetting.
Pressing the power button repeatedly and then the all 4, will begin the instalation.
If your pc doesn’t have the drivers, download then on hp site.
———————————————————————————————————————For More Info And Answers Look In Comment Section
Aaron Nino Villaflor
please help me my refilled cartridge does not work well it does not print black correctly the are strikes

Ok ure Lucky im telling You. First Take Out All The Ink In The Cartridge Using A Syringe Then Take Any Woolen Cloth Then Wet The Cloth With Alchol(Cleaning) Gently Wipe The Metal Part In Which Ink Comes Out From. Use a Stronger Cleaning Liquid And Clean The Circuit Contacts On the Side of cartridge. Then clean The Contacts On The Cartridge Holder In The Printer. Thats It!!!!! ;-) . If It Still Doesnt Work Then U Have USed ur cartridge for too Long. Otherwise ink may be Frozen.

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