Replace a Printer Pickup Roller (Samsung ML2010, SCX4521, SFX4725 and others)

Misfeeds? Paper jams? Change the rubber pickup roller and your Samsung printer will feed paper like it was new! Same procedure on the ML2010, ML2570, ML2571, SCX4521, SCX4725, CLP350 and many others (see long list of models below).

TO BUY a pickup roller, go to eBay and search on “Pickup Roller For Use In Samsung ML1610 ML 1610 2010 2240″. That’s where I bought my pickup rollers. They are $6.60 for 1 complete belt and the core ($3.60 + $3 shipping). I actually bought 3, because each extra one only adds $1 in shipping to the bill (that made them $5.26 each, including shipping).
It ships from Florida (NOT China!), so it only takes a few days to arrive.

According to Samsung, the same roller belt fits the Samsung ML-1610, ML-2010, ML- 2240, SCX-4521f, CLP300, CLX3160FN, ML1610, ML1610R, ML1640, ML2010, ML2010R, ML2015, ML2240, ML2241, ML2245, SCX4321, SCX4521F, SCX4521FG.
The part number is JC73-00302A (for just the belt, which Samsung charges $8.95 for! And then Samsung adds on for shipping!!! eBay is a much better deal.

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Post time: Sep-23-2019
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