Refilling the cartridge 106R01159 for the xerox phaser 3117 printer

The advantage of this model is the lack of a chip, the fullness of the cartridge, which does not need to be changed. For a number of users, this is a real problem because to fill up the toner is one thing, but changing the chip seems like a very difficult task. HERE THIS COMPLEXITY does not exist. You need to know two things when you fall asleep toner:
1. From which side is the jam of the container, so as not to disassemble the cartridge from all sides.
2. Do not forget to shake the toner, the caked toner will not be poured onto the drum, which means it will not print the printer.
That’s the whole trick. I hope this little review will allow you to refill the cartridge of this type at home and save your hard earned money.

Post time: Apr-05-2019
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