Printer Ink Secret, HP Revealed

HP’s printer firmware engineering team throws another curve ball at the ink supplies aftermarket. If you attempt to use a remanufactured or compatible ink cartridge in HP Envy or Officejet printers which use HP 62 ink cartridges you will be quite surprised to learn that excessive ink spitting and a 2X print slow down will occur. Shame on HP!


The black 62/62XL cartridge features 704 nozzles, while the tricolor 62/62XL cartridges feature 2,052 nozzles, which HP says is nearly three times the nozzle count on previous tricolor integrated cartridges. The swath height is 9/16 of an inch. The four-color ink set for the 62/62XL series was newly formulated and featured a pigmented black ink and dye-based color ink with a lightfastness rating of more than 50 years under glass and an ozone fade-resistance rating of more than 10 years.

If, after bypassing ‘ink low alerts’ messages, the printer does not allow printing, then this could be an internal electrical issue with the cartridge. Refer to “Troubleshooting” if this is the case :

Unfortunately the micro-electronics in many of the newer HP 62 integrated ink cartridge lines are quite fragile (due to low-cost materials used in the manufacturing processes), so results of repeated cartridge usage/longevity will vary from one extreme to the other. As a suggestion, if you print more than 15 pages per week, then you may want to consider moving over to an ‘individual ink tank’ printer system….these are very “refill friendly” and you will not encounter cartridge failures.

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Post time: Jun-22-2018
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