Pokémon Gold Nuzlocke, Part 32: Clair-voyant!

Welcome to Marriland’s Pokémon Gold Nuzlocke! In this SUPER EXTREME SECOND BONUS HOUR episode, I take on the final Gym in the Johto region and fight against its Gym Leader, Clair, the mistress of Dragon-type Pokémon!

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Pokémon Gold and Silver are the first games in the 2nd Generation of Pokémon, first released in the US back in 2000. I’m revisiting my childhood by playing the version opposite of the one I played when I was a kid, Pokémon Gold, which features different sprites and selection from my original Gen II game, Pokémon Silver. I’m playing Gold on an actual game cartridge, using the Game Boy Player accessory for the GameCube.

• Fainted Pokémon are considered dead and must be released.
• I can only catch the first encounter on any route/area.
• Everything needs to be nicknamed.

• Must play on SET the whole time.
• Can use a max of 3 items per battle (excluding Poké Ball varieties and Key Items; X Items are not allowed)
• A Level Limit is enforced and increases after every Badge (58 after becoming Champion, 75 for the true final battle); I must deposit Pokémon that exceed the limit.
• Dupes Clause IS active for the entire evolution line, with a limit of 5 triggers per route/area (after the 5th Dupe I run into in an area, I miss out on an encounter there).
• Gift Clause IS NOT active, so any gift Pokémon count as the encounter for that route/area.
• Trade evolutions are allowed, provided I have all prerequisite items.


You may notice things on the layout:
• Twitch “cheers” and “bits” are things that users can do to help say thanks. These equate to real world moneys, so users that cheer with bits are super nice! Thanks cheerers for the bits! If I reach a certain amount of bits per stream (will vary depending on the previous stream), I may even extend the stream an extra hour!
• Twitch “followers” are like YouTube “subscribers”, where they get notified when I go live. However, TWITCH “subscribers” are different from YouTube ones: Twitch subs (subscribers) chip in an amount per month which gives them benefits in chat, and gives them the chance to nickname my Pokémon, but they also help support me with their subscriptions, so they’re super cool people!

Lastly, while I do try my best to keep things PG, I have no control over what people in the chat say and may not be able to keep user-submitted content (posts, messages, usernames, etc.) PG. By watching this video, there is a chance you may see text that is not PG, and you will not hold me accountable for it. Apologies in advance should that happen.

“Wounded” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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