Plasma TV Repair Ribbon Cable Removal & Install Tutorial Overview

Video overview showing how to remove & install plasma TV & ribbon cables – Important for plasma TV repair help for fixes

I would like to say that if you are having a problem with your TV, be sure to check the model number first. You will see the model number and serial number in a box like this. The model number and serial number are very important because that is what will help you to identify what parts are needed to repair your TV.
So, now we are going to take a closer look at the ribbon cable connections on this y-buffer board. These connections are very fragile and they are actually bonded into the panel on the other side here, so the ribbon cable is bonded into the panel here which you cannot remove, and then comes up here into the y-buffer which you can disconnect if you need to replace the board.
Now you will always want to be gentle and remove this tape very smoothly. After you have removed that tape, you can flip up the tab here, this black tab very carefully. Never use a screwdriver or any tool to open this, only use your finger. After you have that pulled up, you can simply pull out the ribbon cable connection here. Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult. Once you have that pulled out you can go ahead and continue with the rest of them and then remove your board.
To connect them back in, you will want to just slide it in here and you will hear it pop a little bit on this model or kind of click into place.
There we go. Once you feel that it is back in there smoothly, you can again push down on this black tab to secure it and then if your tape is still connected, you can run that tape over smoothly to help keep it in place.
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