Old Tech Showcase #2 – Rex-Rotary 8112Z, A Copier From The ’80s!

In the last days my best friend’s dad gave me this very old copier, maybe it’s from the ’80s but I can’t find any infos online, we took it in my room upstairs together as soon as it weights 39.50Kgs/8708,25Lbs and it’s longer than 75cms/28inches D: OMG!
Before powering on this machine I’ve cleaned the waste toner container and also the internal parts of the copier from dust (and toner, yeah, I had a room full of toner, yay -.-” and then I powered it on!
The results are pretty bad because the copier has NO TONER LEFT in the cartridge inside the developer unit, so I ordered a new cartridge for this printer (yeah with huge surprise they sell them, kyocera produces them for the MITA 1205 and are fully compatible with the Rex-Rotary 8112Z) so in the next days I’ll try to take this copier to life again! I’ll make more videos about it, so stay tuned ;)

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Post time: Oct-13-2018
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