My Suggestions far ALL Canon Inc. PRO 9500MKII and PRO 10 users

Mike form Precisioncolors contacted me by email and shared these bits of great information which I thought I would elaborate about on video.

Hi Joe, I think you
should make a video on making sure that people refilling put in the correct colors back into the cartridge. I always get calls about suddenly the printer is not printing properly with a strong cast. I guess you know what the problem is. Cyan in Photocyan. Or the picture is now suddenly kind of dull in some colors.
Or magenta cast suddenly.
Two things. As soon as someone gets a printer stabilized with consistent colors. They should print a Nozzle check and FILE it away. Yes. File it away carefully. It gives them a reference to go back to if they filled the wrong color.
Next thing: Looking at a Canon nozzle check with printers that have PhotoColors….and grays. You will note that most colors should be close to each other. Compare the cyan vs. Photocyan. If
suddenly you see one color that is off, then you know you put in the wrong ink.
Next users can sample the outlet of the cart with a Qtip against the what comes out the bottle and compare. You need to be precise doing this.
Sampling using the Qtip requires that you stripe it down a piece of Photo Paper till it lightens up. This method can be tricky if you are not precise enough.
Finally use the following image ( See Link below ) to figure out what is going on. If the wrong ink is put in, then the gradients
suddenly goes funny. This is also useful in another way. If you rotate the image 90degrees and print it. And you get banding on the gradient in the direction of the printhead, you have some flow issues. Usually cartridge problem.
Then I get some person today
that insists they want to print from a camera and that is the way they print and why the 9500 ink prints differently with this method. Then they say they used the profiles you helped create and they are no good….they are wrong.
There are some days that are too long I tell you.


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Post time: May-11-2017


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