My Old EPSON PRO 3800 Is Still Kaput, Even With a New Mother Board

It’s been a sore against my side, this EPSON PRO-3800.
One second it was printing.
I slid the printer table is was on over to the wall ( about 3 feet ) and left it there, two days later I tied to print and NOTHING!!!
Everything works, in fact I joke that it works flawlessly. It just does not deposits any ink.
No it is not clogged!!!
Even if it was, it you have to have become clogged over night on EVERY SINGLE nozzle!
That simply does not happen!
Suggestions poured in and most said replace the mother board.
Well I did and NOTHING!!

Should I take it out and put it out of its misery???

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Post time: Oct-10-2017


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