This is how a Motherboard looks when it is Stripped, with a fan,heat sink and many other things. First we’ll start off with removing the Processor Fan by using the Direction shown in it and once it is removed, it will look like this. And the Processor will be glued on to Processor Fan, if we remove it we can see the wordings in the Processor as Intel Pentium Dual Core. Once we removed the Processor we just have to carefully replace as it is in the Arrow Profile, because the pins in the Processor are delicate and if it is damaged it is impossible to replace or repair it. We move on to Ram slots as you can see the DDR2 as in the MotherBoard, but there is another way to find it using the Input Voltage, it shows 1.8Volts. And different Interface Ports are available on the periphery of the Motherboard. round ones are PS2 ports for Keyboard and Mouse.Next one is for Printers and other devices. Four ports are for USB(Universal Service Bus) and on Top of it is the LAN port for connecting Via LAN to other will be VGA Port or Video Graphics Array Port.And you can see the Jack Ports. First Blue one is for High Definition Audio usually 5.1 Green one is for Speakers and last Red will be for Microphone. Inside the Board there will be Four SATA Ports or Serial ATA ports for connecting HardDisk. There will be CMOS Battery glowing in the center of the board, the Operational Timings are maintained by this Battery Only, if it is damaged the timings in your computer will be off. Next will be PCI Express card used for Additional Add-on Graphics. and Adjacent to PCI Express we can see the PCI Card for adding on Additional Interfaces for the Computer like more than four ports for USB, Two or more LAN ports and more than one CD or DVD Drives. Now we come to the part of most importance, North Bridge and South Bridge. Every Motherboard will be having TWO bridges North and South Bridges. The Bigger One will be North Bridge with a GIGABYTE on it. It controls and co-ordinates Internal CPU i.e, Processor. and PCI Express simultaneously with RAM. The South Bridge which is a Smaller one controls PCI Add-ons, SATA and Other Interface Ports like USB, LAN , Printer and PS2 Ports. and the South Bridge, North Bridge and Processor are internally connected to each other. Lest Adjacent to PCI port is a Floppy Disk Drive, it shows FDD in it, Nowadays Nobody uses it,but it Usually is a Standard Issue on Every MotherBoard. Just on Lest Top we can see a Audio and LAN chip of REALTEK with its logo in it. And on the line of SATA Ports, there is a White 24PIN Port Called as ATX Port (If it has 20PINS it is called as AT Port) for supplying Power to the Board via SMPS (Single Mode Power Supply) Board. For powering the CPU Fan there will be a Small White Port having written Fan in it. This is it Guys. Thank You Very Much for Watching.

Post time: Nov-01-2017


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