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Have fun learning how to make Miniature edible Cheese DIY with tiny Cheese wedges for your doll and dollhouse, or use it to make a gift to your friends or family, to decorate a shelf, a desk… or your own kitchen! ♡ ^_^ ♡♡♡ I think this mini cream cheese is really cute and kawaii! And It is Vegan♡, made with cashews and vegetable ingredients,… because I think vegetable cheese and milks are much healthier ♡♡♡ (there are many webs and research on the net that talk about this). And watch more food and kitchen miniature DIY tutorials here: )

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♡ Tips: I show you how you can make these tiny Cheese wedges edible or not in the video.

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Hope you like and enjoy it! ^_^ ♡♡♡.

Post time: Jun-17-2017


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