Mini Mario Overworld Theme Song Player (w/ ATtiny 85 & piezo speaker)

This project was in an effort to miniaturize a previous project of mine that played the tune on an Arduino Uno board.

I programmed this onto an ATtiny85 microcontroller, which you can get for about $1-2, give or take, depending on where you get it from and in what quantity. This was my first project using a prototype board, and my first programming any other microcontroller such as the ATtiny85.

The entire song is not programmed onto the chip, due to issues which I believe are related to available memory on it.

I also programmed the Captain Planet theme song onto one of these chips and made it into an Annoy-a-tron which would play it at random intervals throughout the day:

The code for this and the captain planet annoy-o-tron are here:

It’s pretty bare-bones code and I didn’t really spend any time cleaning it up yet, but if I do in the future, it will be here.

=== Special Thanks ===
* The MIT high-low tech group, who posted a method for programming the ATTiny85 from an Arduino

* The author(s) of the arduino-tiny core, which is the core I actually ended up using:

* Ben Landis, who posted the sheet music this is based on:

* And last, but certainly not least: Jack Christensen and Nick Gammon, who helped me on the forums for this project.

Post time: Jun-07-2017


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