MineStorm/Spike (64KB C64 Cartridge Version) (8580 SID)

This video is of TRSI’s official C64 conversions of the Vectrex classics MineStorm and Spike running on the 8-Bit, 1Mhz Commodore 64. This is the RGCD cartridge version, with both games on one 64KB cartridge, complete with in-game instructions.

Decriptions of both games from the original Vectrex manuals follow:

MineStorm (GCE 1982). The transport lanes of intergalactic space have been seeded with mines from an alien vessel. Use your mine destroying blaster to blow up the mines before they annihilate you! You may survive the floating mines, but beware of the fireball, magnetic, and treacherous fireball-magnetic mines… 13 fields, each one more difficult, await you!

Spike (GCE 1983). Our lovely and innocent heroine, Molly, has been kidnapped by the evil Spud! You will hear her cry “Eek! Help, Spike!” as he drags her away. Only Spike can save her from this awful fate. As soon as Spike kicks open the door to the villain Spud’s hideaway shouting “Oh, no! Molly!”, the game field appears. Spike enters on the bottom catwalk… and then YOU have control of him!

Featuring box design by Kay Failla and music by Linus, Peiselulli’s conversions are extremely faithful to the original material, even using the upper and lower borders in order to give a larger playfield similar to the Vectrex portrait style screen. Both games have been further revised from their initial release to offer NTSC and PAL compatiblility, and the joystick-only control means that they are playable on the Commodore 64 GS console (although GS users will not be able to use disk-saving for scores). It is important to note that the music was programmed for use on the 8580 SID chip. The cartridge version of the game comes in a grey cartridge shell complete with a printed manual and RGCD sticker.

The video here (filmed by Stefan Nowak for RGCD) shows the menu screen, then the MineStorm title screen, documentation (scrolled through with joystick), game play and high score. After that the same process is run through for Spike.

The cartridge version will be available in two packaging types. The standard card carton at £25 (Europe) / £26 (Rest of World) including shipping and fees. The deluxe version comes in a plastic case (a Universal Game Case with specially cut foam insert) and is priced at £30 (Europe) / £32 (Rest of World) including shipping and fees.

The games are also available for free download over at CSDB.

Post time: May-20-2017


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