Mega Everdrive FPGA FM Sound vs Hardware Alternatives

This video compares the original MK-2000 SMS to db Electronic’s Power Base FM (both use a YM2413 chip for the sound) and the Mega Everdrive x7, which is using necronomfive’s FPGA code for the FM sound. The low-pass filtering on both newer solutions makes a big difference in quality over the original console!

I’ll have direct wav captures uploaded soon, so people can hear without YouTube compression issues. Please consider this just a “basic” comparison to give you a general idea of what it will sound like. As with all audio, your personal setup will greatly affect the quality.

Mega Everdrive x7:
Latest x7 firmware:
Necronomfive’s thread:
Power Base FM:

More info on SMS FM audio:

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Post time: Sep-14-2017


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