Lexmark MS610DN Laser Printer Review

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I have been an HP printer person since the LaserJet 4 I bought 20 years ago, so I was eager to try this Lexmark and see how it stacks up to their chief rival. I was impressed!

This is an excellent black and white printer for the price. Configuration was very easy across all of the platforms in my home (Mac, Windows 8, and iOS), with zero configuration necessary. Both Windows 8 and Mac OS X discovered the printer on the network and installed the appropriate drivers automatically. The iOS devices connected seamlessly via Airprint, although for some reason my iPhone kept trying to print to legal size paper.

Print speed is very fast, although documents rich with graphics and images might see a drop in performance due to the limited onboard memory. It’s not a significant performance decrease but it is noticeable. Additional memory can be purchased and installed by the user to speed things up.

The printer has an internal web server to allow for very detailed configuration of the device. It’s possible to assign users and require pin codes for printing. It even has an interesting confidential print function that will hold a document in memory until its owner types in a pin code to release it. It will make office politics less interesting but a nice feature.

The cost of consumables is very reasonable – especially when compared to an ink jet printer. The included starter cartridge is rated for approximately 6,000 pages. This is assuming 5% toner coverage on a page so your exact mileage will vary. There is a cartridge available that costs almost as much as the printer that Lexmark says will deliver 20,000 prints at 5% coverage. Toner is separate from the imaging unit (drum, etc) so the toner cost is fairly reasonable for the print quantity. The imaging unit is rated for approximately 60,000 pages at the same coverage level as indicated above.

Overall I am impressed. I haven’t had the printer long enough to speak to its long term reliability but I do think this is a very reasonably priced printer with equally reasonable consumable cost that can keep up with small to mid-size work groups.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.

Post time: Aug-03-2018
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