Lexmark Laser Printer Calibration Service Config Menu Reset

If you have printing problems with Lexmark Laser Printer, you can try to do following things to solve it:

1) Manual calibration. Go to Menu-Settings-Print Settings-Quality Menu-Color Adjust-Enter (Will take around 3-4 minutes for printer to calibrate) You might need to do it couple of time.

2) Default settings. Go to Menu-Settings-General Settings-Factory Detault-Restore Now-Enter

3) Factory reset & calibration through Service menu (Config Menu. Power off printer, than hold at the same time *Enter* and *Right arrow* while switching printer back on, wait until you see numbers on display and release. Wait to see Config Menu to appear where you select following: Factory Defaults-Restore Base-Enter (Printer will go to its manufacturing defaults by undergoing full calibration)

Post time: Nov-26-2017


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