Laserjet 2300 Multi Page Duplex Jam: a Solenoid Fix

There are many descriptions of this problem online (here for example:, but I couldn’t find any pictures or videos detailing precisely how and where this problem occurs. So in the interest of extending the life of HP 2300′s everywhere and providing a public service, I made one myself.

I’m no professional videographer, and I shot this with an Lumix LX-5, so the video cuts a bit in places – sorry about that. Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

edit: Feb 2015. I guess some of you were having problems finding a service manual PDF for this printer. Try this link – – and go to page 158 for a good start. Someone shoot me a PDF if that link breaks and I’ll rehost it myself. I just generally don’t like rehosting copyrighted content like service manuals, sorry.

Post time: Sep-18-2018
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