KYOCERA Monochrome A4 Desktop Printer FS-1120D / FS-1320D / FS-1370DN



Fast and efficient, the FS-1370DN has a silent-printing option that makes it the
ideal printer for your desktop. Featuring network connectivity, excellent security
standards, a large memory and fast printing capabilities, it easily copes with larger print volumes. The clarity of the LCD control panel ensures that operation is always especially user-friendly. Robust, highly reliable and very economical, the FS-1370DN is a printer you can count on.


Designed to handle print volumes of demanding individual users, the FS-1320D is a compact and very quiet desktop printer you always can count on. With its excellent noise level regulation this robust and highly reliable personal printer fits in every business environment. Fast and efficient, the FS-1320D comes with duplex functionality for double-sided printing, making this professional device even more economical.


Get the job done, professionally and economically, with the FS-1120D as the personal compact printer for individual users. To lower your printing costs even further, this device comes with a duplex printing function that can significantly reduce your paper consumption. Robust and reliable, with KYOCERA ‘s long-life technology, it is a quiet printer that you can depend on – even if you don’t hear it.

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Post time: Apr-05-2018
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